Extensive lending networks

Quality securitised investments

Fixed or variable options

Identifying Quality Commercial loan Opportunities with Hard Backed Security

Bluebird Private Equity is a boutique Investment firm providing sophisticated investors with a range of options to achieve high ROI through targeted fund investments. We utilise our national network to identify and place our funds under management into risk graded secured commercial loans achieving stellar average returns for our sophisticated investors. Our investment options and returns can be viewed under the individual fund page.

Variable Return Fund

  • Variable Return Fund

    Fund Investors opt to take a split on the absolute return of the fund on their investment, simply put the investor makes 80% of whatever the fund makes on its investments

  • Fund objective

    Predominantly shorter term capitalised loans which provide very attractive returns for the fund

Guaranteed Return Fund

  • Guaranteed Return

    This is a flat return fund that gives a flat guaranteed return to its investors giving them piece of mind and the ability to accurately plan and forecast their returns

  • Fund objective

    By securing a flat fee return we are able to target more secure longer term loans that demand a more competitive interest rate than our Variable Fund can offer

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