Variable Return Fund

Achieve maximum return without taking unnecessary risks

This is where our investors opt to take a split on the absolute return of the fund on their investment, simply put the investor makes 80% of whatever the fund makes on its investments. This will yield higher returns back to the investor compared with the flat return fund.

Portfolio of loans

  • These loans written out of the fund will be traditionally higher interest rate and therefore return to the client, predominantly shorter term capitalised loans which provide very attractive returns for the fund.
  • Our goal is to ensure the investments achieve maximum return without taking unnecessary risks, we only select the best quality investments where not only the deal has been analysed but also the key people behind the projects before accepting the applications.
  • By keeping the loan sizes low on these style investments we minimise the exposure of the fund and further reduces chances of permanent capital loss which is of utmost importance.

We will send you all the information you need to get started

We Develop loan exit strategies on all our drawdowns ensuring that in the event of default we can still recover the loan principle and interest whilst not drawing on the security if possible. We can rely on our subsidiaries and their networks to move property in the event of a development default as well as complete developments in this event, ensuring that our investors positions are the most secure, this is an ability not available to your standard funds and whilst we attempt to avoid these situations at all costs, it’s nice to know that in these unforeseen circumstances that we can salvage the resturn like no other fund on the market which are forced to ‘fire sale’ the assets and hope for the best.

Whilst we can see the project through to completion to safeguard our investors’ money.